PODCAST: Jay Leno, Jeff Dunham, Willy T. Ribbs, and Mike Brewer at from The Petersen Museum

March 14, 2019

Evans Waterless Coolant presents a special episode of CarCast covering The CarCast Car Show at The Petersen Museum on March 10, 2019. Adam and Matt take us through the welcoming greeting with Jay Leno. We also hear from Mike Brewer, Jeff Dunham and Evans’ Mike Tourville from the car show. Later, Adam and Matt give out awards and Willy T. Ribbs conducts a Q&A with attendees.

PODCAST: IRS Drag Racing with Mark Carlyle

March 6, 2019

Goldberg and Matt anticipate this Sunday’s car show as well as a few other upcoming events. They then welcome Mark Carlyle of Carlyle Racing to talk about building modern day IRS Drag Racing. Later, Matt gives his thoughts on the Acura ILX after driving it for a few days.